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New GenieClip Patent Issued

The second GenieClip patent 9,121,469 was issued on September 1, 2015. Pliteq CEO Paul Downey is now listed as the inventor on 7 sound and vibration control patents.

GenieClip Mount now available

We have a new product that provides for isolated mounting of cabinets, TV’s, garage door openers, hand rails etc. The GenieClip Mount is now available and you can find technical data, specifications and installation instructions on the product page. There is also an acoustical analysis white paper by R&D director

New Fire Rated GenieClip Retrofit Ceiling

After resolving numerous customer impact noise complaints using our GenieClip retrofit ceilings, we finally have it listed by UL. M523 is our proprietary assembly and can be viewed through UL’s online certification directory. The retrofit ceiling acoustical test data is available in our login site and featured in a 2014

New UL Assembly Search Tool

We’ve added a UL assembly search tool! You can find it on the GenieClip product page. By selecting your structure type, it will return links to assemblies featuring the GenieClip. We hope it’s a good source for fire resistance rating information.

GenieClip featured on HGTV

Recently the GenieClip was utilized on the hit HGTV show “Income Property”. It was used to control impact and airborne sound for a basement “executive rental” floor-ceiling assembly. You can see the episode by checking out Season 7, episode 5088.

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