We need your help to Re-Engineer Mountains of Unusable Material

Research, Design, Manufacture and Sell Building Products For A More Sustainable Built Environment

Pliteq is on a mission to divert even more material from landfill and we need your help!

Pliteq is on a mission to divert even more material from landfill and we need your help!

Diverting materials from landfill on the scale necessary to make a real difference takes a team dedicated to our mission. From physically making the products in our modern manufacturing facility, to travelling the world educating the construction industry and everything in between. We are constantly on the hunt for talented people to help us along the way.

Are you a logistics whiz? 

A talented machinist? 

A budding engineer? 

A sales superstar? 

We have an enormous breadth of positions available to suit all levels of education and experience. So if you want to play your part in diverting even more material from landfill, get in touch.

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We provide a cultivating, people centric environment that for the right person can mean the potential for fast personal and professional growth, rewards and recognition. 

We look for people who inherently like to go above and beyond, are purpose-driven, enjoy a fast pace, strive for growth and are just awesome people to work and play with. 

We encourage free thinking without bureaucracy and do not believe in keeping people in their boxes and with that some of our best ideas have come from all areas of the company. 

With 3 international offices located in the UK, UAE and Singapore, we are diverse, and our values transcend borders.

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No matter the situation we pull together in whichever direction is required to get the job done. No task is beneath any one person and we all muck in for the best outcome.
Pliteq Fight Hard 1
Like the infamous Chumbawamba song Tubthumping we do get knocked down but we always get up again. We pride ourselves on fighting together until the bitter end. Whether it is a push to meet a last minute delivery or closing an order.
Pliteq Stay Positive 1
At Pliteq there is no value put on negativity and we have always found the best ideas and outcomes happen via collaboration, laughter and being around each other. We draw the positive in every situation so that we can learn through our collective experiences.
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Pliteq Students hiring interns career opportunities
Sustainability is inclusive, be a part of the change

As a fun, energetic, and fast paced team, Pliteq also takes time to help future contributors in the industry develop and learn through experiencing and engaging in different projects.

Pliteq has opportunities for the right people whether you’re fresh out of high school, pursuing a degree, or a new graduate.

Join us, and play a part in helping us create a more sustainable building environment!

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